„Big game”- For the „little ones” too

Like any investment, investing in gold or other precious metals can also generate profits or losses. However, the price of gold, despite some irrational speculation, has risen steadily for decades.

There are some reasons for "small investors" why it is worth investing in gold.

It's still a good business option.

Gold at the current cca.1.350 dollars / ounce level is considered by some analysts as overpriced, while others believe that it still has a significant investment potential. One thing is certain: gold is finite raw material. Current mining capacities will be depleted in 15-20 years. At this time, the world's investor society will be divided into two parts: gold owners and those who want to own gold - the question is just how much it will cost for them.

Sure, high yield.

Gold is not only a realistic alternative of the dollar-based money market instruments, but it can also provide good results against investment assets listed in other currencies. (Although the gold investment does not pay interest, this greatly compensates for the fact that as long as other financial products have a significant risk, gold is a "great relaxed" investment - that means owners have to worry less about their investments compared to other investors.

Less volatility - less excitement.

Gold is a less volatile investment instrument than equity investment and most commodity investment. Accordingly, it is an ideal investment for those who are avoiding significant risks, and safety and tranquility are an important value of their savings.

Smart alternatives.

Although there is no direct relationship between gold and the yield of other financial products, such as equity, gold has traditionally been a popular "escape trip" for investors - especially when stock markets are downhill.

An "unbeatable" small investor strategy

Anyone who has ever traded knows that short-term speculation is a two-edged weapon: you can win, but you may even have a downfall. Therefore, in the face of short-term speculative purchases, we recommend the continuous expansion and construction of the long-term gold portfolio. For this, we do not have to speculate on a large sum, moreover we have to follow a strictly different approach: not to buy gold for a bigger amount of money at once, but for regular sums (per week, per month) for smaller amounts. In the long run, this is the way to offset the extreme value of some acquisitions, and we can also defend it with a high chance of being exposed to daily exchange rate fluctuations.

The numbers speak for themselves



It has estimated that 171,300 tonns of gold have been mined in the world since the dawn of humankind.



It has estimated that 171,300 tons of gold have been mined in the world since the dawn of mankind. 90% of the gold brought to the surface of the Earth was mined after the big gold rush in California.



It has estimated that 171,300 tons of gold have been mined in the world since the dawn of mankind. 90% of the gold brought to the surface of the Earth was mined after the big gold rush in California. The livelihood of 100 million people depends on gold mining worldwide.



The weight of briquette gold bars according to the „London Good Delivery” standard is 400 ounces.



The legendary US Fort Knox Fortress holds 4,600 tons of gold in extreme security.



It has been estimated that mined gold since the dawn of mankind would fit in a 20x20x20-meter-huge dice.

Facts about gold


Gold has always been a testament to stable value since the beginning of the world. Looking back to centuries, gold proved to be a reliable and predictable investment form.


The inherent security of gold is caused by its independence. The value of gold is acknowledged and guaranteed all over the world, regardless of the political system, economic situation, different currencies, different cultural traditions or other circumstances. Products audited by the London Stock Exchange are taken over, purchased and accepted anywhere in the world.


Anyone who has gold is always having money. Gold is traded 24 hours a day across the world. Gold is the only truly international currency that can be traded anywhere in the world at any time and can be exchanged into cash.


Despite all the world price fluctuations that have been experienced in the past, the value of gold is stable in the long run.

Gold Standard

National banks use gold as security cover. According to many investment experts, individuals should also have 5-10% of their wealth in precious metals. It is expedient to build the private gold reserves for a prolonged period through the gradual purchase of smaller quantities and thus to compensate for possible exchange rate fluctuations.


42.5 ounces of gold worth was enough to buy a car 100 years ago buti t is still enough for it today.

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