Where should we store our gold?

More and more people in the world are holding physical gold as a value guard, an emergency reserve. A person who buys physical gold for investment purposes is thinking in the long run and before the buying he should be aware of where he will store the gold he has bought. However, many people are unaware of the rules of storage and take unnecessary risks. Stealing cannot be traced to gold, and this precious metal can be easily melted and used in other forms.

Hidden at home?

Experts say there is no problem if investors keep some of their physical gold in their homes, but only if they are small quantities, coins, inserts and can be locked in a safe. We've also met several other forms of home storage:
- To dig in the garden, put it in pots
- hide in a furniture, chamber, at various points of the house
- freezing in the freezer is also popular
- floor storage
Of course, the above list is limited to our fantasy, as it can be stored anywhere thanks to the extremely favorable properties of gold. Gold does not corrode, it could not damaged, it can withstand the cold and hot as well, it occupies a small place compared to its value.
The advantage of home storage is that it can be used as an instant cash substitute in an emergency. It is good to know that our gold is worth securing!

In a bank safe deposit box ?

Its advantage is that it is safe because it is strictly controlled.
Our company also has a bank safe deposit agreement in several countries (Spain, Germany, Hungary, Austria) where our customers can store their own gold.
The company stores the precious metals separately from its own assets, so in the event of elimination or liquidation of Golden Life Trading, deposits are not part of the liquidation assets that means, in case of termination or liquidation it can only be provided to the Client and it can not be provided the potential creditors or owner of Golden Life Trading S.L.

Private Safe service?

It should only be used if the owner of the gold trusts the service provider completely. Specially cheap or free gold storage offers should always be taken care of. Everybody should be careful with the very cheap or free gold storage offers.

Store at a Gold Trader?

There is a much more advantageous, world-class gold storage format: when the owner trades at the same time with the stored gold. Deposit accounts are opened by the trader, but they are confirmed by the safe service provider. The safe service company assumes the insurance.
Our company operates a facility for the protection of movable property at BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA S.A., Central Bank in Madrid, Spain. They keep the precious metals of the Principal in underground, specially protected strong-rooms. The facility is fully equipped with electronic and mechanical protection systems and protected by remote monitoring. In all cases, the facility checks the access rights biometrically.

Open a Gold account?

We can also buy and store physical gold by opening a gold account. This is actually a collector deposit, in which the owner of the gold account can claim a part of the stock held for this purpose by the gold merchant. There is also a flexible form in which the gold account can be converted into physical gold at any time and retrieved. In the case of savings accounts invoiced by our partners (www.elitegold.eu and www.ecostepworld.com), you do not have to wait for the total gold value because you can own precious metal blocks with partial shipments (20g - 50g - 100g). For more information about the benefits of a gold account, visit the above mentioned websites!

It is very important to draw attention to the fact, that gold bars and coins are very vulnerable due to the softness of the metal. We should be really careful to avoid scratching, damaging, as this may result in a loss of value of 5-6%! This is because damaged gold products are no longer bought by merchants at investment gold prices, only at melting grams price. Fortunately, in the recent years, gold bars have been wrapped in factory foil to reduce the chance of injury. These factory foils should also be taken care of, protected from injuiry and it should not be removed. Removing the foil also causes a loss of value!

Summary: According to the experience of gold investors, it is worth to keep precious metals at home in small quantities as emergency substitute. The physical gold account agreement, opened at the trader, is a good way to buy gold continuously at central rate. The safest and most valuable solution is to place the one half of the additional quantity in a bank safe deposit box and the other half in a foreign custody system.

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