Strong technical background - but understandably!

The Golden Life Trading S.L. is a Central European company founded by public figures In Spain, In Madrid. Its leading specialists have on the average more than 20 years of practical experience in this area, which practical experience will be also shared with you! This may certainly an advantage for you! When the company has been established the dominant players in the European market were mainly multinational companies, so there was a need for a different thinking company with a new idea! It’s a unique with new philosophy, They took the focus from the reliable cash to the property values. The Company philosophy is to help people have a healthier life, creating an inner and outer harmony, keeping in mind the needs of their partners, thereby realize Themselves! The Golden Life Trading is working for both the employee and the entrepreneurial sector workers and mobile customers and partners can provide an available source of livelihood, financial stability, security! The daily work is one of the most important criteria is the reliability and the trust! With aims to create a followable model by others that will eliminate the glaring inequalities and support a creation of a strong community and create lasting value conscious saving cult! Our company is environmentally aware, and fits with responsibility to the economic, social environmental. The rest is up to you! "Simplicity is the gate of truth ..." (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

Why us?


We believe that in our rapidly changing world, there also are constant values.

We understand your needs

We able to pass our thoughts and translate the needs for non-experts.

We work in team

We do not believe in lonely heroes. Really. They always fail.

The best choice

Our clients' business success contribute to the future development of our company. We are connected. Only the completeness and the maximum that can be tolerated for us.

The profile of the company:

Our market targetsegments that require high-quality, brand-loyal customer base. With innovative products and services We belong to the industry forefront. The main profile of the company was trading in precious metals, but in recent years we have started strong profile expansion, so now our portfolio includes other international trade.

- Savings (999.9 in gold with small monthly amounts)
- Delivery from 50 gr (whether corporate storage)
- Elite program (safe investment)
- Artifact investment program
- Cosmetic products (gold, silver)
- Meal products (gold, silver)
- Colloidal Gold and Silver products
- Training, education
- Event management

Surely we are interested!

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